The Glorified Crew Sopranos Blog

Hello, dear Sopranos enthusiasts!

Welcome to “Glorified Crew,” a blog crafted out of pure love and admiration for HBO’s groundbreaking television series, The Sopranos. 

My name is Ryan Miner. I am a writer and fellow Sopranos aficionado.

I began this blog to delve deep into the intricate storylines, unforgettable characters, and cultural impact of The Sopranos, a show that has truly redefined the landscape of television.

The Glorified Crew Sopranos Blog is The Sopranos Blog of Choice
This is a photograph of the fictional Carmine Lupertazzi and his son, Little Carmine Lupertazzi, playing golf. This is the point in the series when Carmine, the boss, referred to The Sopranos as a "Glorified Crew."

The Story Behind The Glorified Crew Name

“Glorified Crew” is a phrase borrowed from the show itself. 

Carmine Lupertazzi Sr., the boss of the Lupertazzi crime family from New York, famously referred to The Soprano crime family as a “glorified crew.” 

As for the name – it stuck. 

At the Glorified Crew blog, we explore beyond the show’s surface, digging deep into the characters, episode recaps, scene analysis, filming locations, the food, Italian culture, and humor. 

And we’ll also dive into the historical and social context in which The Sopranos was set, providing a richer understanding of the show’s more profound meaning.

What to Expect From The Glorified Crew Sopranos Blog

Whether you’re new to the series, watching it for the 27th time – or just interested in deep-diving into the narrative of one of the greatest television shows of all time – Glorified Crew is here to keep the spirit of The Sopranos alive.

And finally, the Glorified Crew Sopranos Blog is not just a blog. 

We are a Sopranos community.

We encourage open discussion, comments, and debates among our readers, and every perspective enriches our understanding of The Sopranos.

So, put on some Sinatra, grab your gabagool, and let’s explore the incredible world of The Sopranos together. 

Welcome to the Glorified Crew, the Sopranos blog of choice. 

The Sopranos crew sitting outside the fictional Satriale's Pork Store in Paterson, New Jersey.
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