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Family? I Told You - They're A Glorified Crew!

This is a photograph from The Sopranos season one when the capos meet in the back of of the fictional Satriale's Pork Store.

Sopranos super fan Ryan Miner created the Glorified Crew Sopranos Blog in March 2022 out of admiration for the greatest television series ever

We delve deep into the show’s intricate storylines, dissect the unforgettable characters’ personalities and impact, and discuss the enduring cultural impact the show had on pop culture and society. 

This is a photograph from The Sopranos when the mob family has dinner at a seafood restaurant.

Carmine Always Said...

Glorified Crew borrowed its name from Sopranos character Carmine Lupertazzi Sr.

Carmine, an infamous New York crime family boss, once famously referred to The Soprano family as a “Glorified Crew.”

And, so, the name stuck.

Topics Covered

Episode Analysis

Every episode of The Sopranos packs more than its runtime.

This blog delves deep into the episodes by discussing common themes, character arcs, and the cultural references that made the show a masterpiece.

The Show's Themes

The blog explores the show’s societal issues, psychological elements, and moral dilemmas.

This isn’t just about a mob boss going to therapy – it’s a deep dive into the human condition.

But remember, we don’t ever admit the existence of “this thing of ours.” 

Sopranos Culture

The series has had a profound impact on television and pop culture.

From its music and fashion to the unforgettable catchphrases, the Glorified Crew Sopranos Blog will explore how the show shaped pop culture and cultivated new and younger generations of loyal fans.

Character Exploration

From the main characters to the side players who added color and depth, Glorified Crew looks into what made each tick, their backstories, and their impact on the show. 

Guest Posting

Fellow Sopranos fans are invited to submit content for publication about any topic they like! 

Email us your content

This site’s Skip, Ryan Miner, will take a look and get right back to you!

Sopranos Merchandise

We’ll review and share the best of the show’s merchandise – including books, clothing, restaurants, products, and more! 

If you want to sell your Sopranos merchandise on this blog, email us at

The Wise Guy Behind The Blog

Ryan Miner is the founder and editor of The Glorified Crew Sopranos Blog

Ryan Miner

Founder | Editor | Paison

Hi, I’m Ryan Miner. 

I’m the Skip over here at Glorified Crew Sopranos Blog.

This site is dedicated to exploring, discussing, and unwinding The Sopranos, HBO’s finest cinematic masterpiece.

As a longtime, devoted fan of The Sopranos, I wanted to create a space to share my love with fellow fans. 

Read more about me by clicking my author bio page

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