Jimmy Altieri is a rat
Sopranos Seasons

Was Jimmy Altieri A Rat?

Do you remember Jimmy Altieri from Season One of The Sopranos?  Was Jimmy Altieri a rat?  The Glorified Crew Sopranos Blog says he is.  Keep ...
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Harpo Soprano is half French Canadian.
Sopranos Food

Where Is Harpo Sopranos Eating His Sunday Dinner?

I wonder where Harpo Sopranos is eating his Sunday dinner?  Bobby Jr. asked the right question: “Who is Harpo?” Harpo is Janice Soprano’s only son.  ...
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The Sopranos Green Grove Senior Living Community is Located In West Orange, New Jersey
Pop Culture

Did You Know The Sopranos’ Green Grove Is A Real Place? Does It Have Mob Ties?

Do you remember The Sopranos Green Grove?  It’s more like a hotel at Captain Teebs!  Oh, The Sopranos and their malapropisms! The Green Grove storyline ...
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Actor Paul Herman has died. He was 76.
Sopranos Cast

The Sopranos Beansie Gaeta Dead At 76: REPORT

Actor Paul Herman, best know for playing Peter “Beansie” Gaeta in The Sopranos, has died, according to Tony Danza’s Instagram account. Herman died on March ...
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Sopranos Memes Oscars 2022 Chris Rock Will Smith bitch slap
Pop Culture

The 10 Best Sopranos Memes From The Crazy 2022 Oscars

Here are the 10 best Sopranos memes that perfectly capture the crazy fucking 2022 Oscars! 1) Fat Dom Gamiello Breaking Balls    A lot of people ...
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