The Sopranos Green Grove Senior Living Community is Located In West Orange, New Jersey

Is The Sopranos Green Grove Really The Best New Jersey Retirement Community?

If you’re a fan of The Sopranos,  you know all about the fictional Sopranos Green Grove retirement community.

The Green Grove storyline begins in the very first episode of The Sopranos, “The Pilot.”

Tony Soprano visits his mother, Liva Soprano, played by Nancy Marchand, at her Verona, New Jersey home (Essex County).

Tony becomes enraged with Livia when she refuses to dance with him to some of her favorite old-time tunes.

Livia Soprano yells at Tony Soprano about Green Grove in West Orange, New Jersey

In typical Soprano fashion, Tony shouts.

He tells Livia that she needs to “occupy her mind” now that her husband (and Tony’s father), “Johnny Boy” Soprano, is dead. 

And so begins the dreaded nursing home talk (Livia Soprano doesn’t like that kind of talk).

“And don’t start with that nursing home business again,” Livia barks.

It’s not a nursing home!” Tony shouts!

“It’s a retirement community! You interact with seniors your own age. You go places; you do things!”

Tony Sopranos Shouts at his mother about Green Grove Retirement Community

Is Green Grove Really A Nursing Home?  

Have you not listened to anything Tony Soprano said?

Green Grove is a retirement community!

It’s not a nursing home!

The Sopranos recorded at Green Hill Senior Living and Rehab in West Orange, New Jersey

More precisely, the Green Grove Retirement Home is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC).

The fictional Green Grove was equipped with a skilled nursing unit inside – but a nursing home it was not!

You can read about Continuing Care Retirement Communities on the AARP’s website.

Is There An Actual Green Green Retirement Community In New Jersey? 


The actual Green Grove is named Green Hill Senior Living and Rehabilitation.

Green Hill Senior Living and Rehabilitation is a senior living community located at 103 Pleasant Valley Way in West Orange, New Jersey 07052.

And scenes from The Sopranos were recorded on-site!

The Sopranos Green Grove Retirement Community in West Orange, NJ

How To Talk About Senior Living: Stop Calling It A Nursing Home! 

When speaking with family members and loved ones about their future senior housing options, it’s important to use the correct terminology.

“Nursing Home” is the most common misnomer when describing senior living communities.

Livia Soprano calls Green Grove a nursing home

Nobody wants to think about leaving their loved ones inside the dreaded Grandma Gulag.

The well-known New Jersey elder law firm, The Goldberg Group, explains the difference between assisted living communities and nursing homes.

Tony Soprano: Senior Living Marketing Professional

David Chase, the creator of The Sopranos, positioned Tony Soprano as the most notable senior living marketer in television pop culture.

Tony Soprano started the retirement community revolution!

And we’re all the better off for it!

Incidentally, if Tony weren’t part of This Thing Of Ours, the senior living community would have hired him in a heartbeat.

Tony Soprano tries to convince his mother to go to Green Grove

Green Hill Senior Living & Rehabilitation In West Orange, NJ

There are plenty of amenities and services Green Hill residents can take advantage of to help them enjoy life while aging in place:

The Sopranos Green Grove (Green Hill Senior Living & Rehabilitation)

Are You Interested In New Jersey Senior Living?

Your mother and father deserve the best care, don’t they?

Then schedule them a tour at one of New Jersey’s finest senior living communities!

After all, Green Grove (Green Hill) is a  hotel by Captain Teebs!

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